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"Being in business today means being on the Internet,
being successful requires lot's of homework or a good partner"

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Got Web?  We can help, let's start right here.Your Market Share loss is happening daily if you're not on the Internet yet.




Let's talk Market Share...

You have reached this page possibly due to the fact that your business is not yet on the Web.  Or you haven't found the right answers to the questions you have.  I actually have a lot I could say on this topic, but then I should - I make it my business.

First of all, you should know that this is the best place to begin.  We can accomplish extreme results when we start from the concept.  It is much easier (now) than taking something someone else did (website), built without some of the necessary marketing savvy or techniques that can help you the most.  Sometimes an existing site we try to morph into a profit center is complex, or certainly more of a challenge.

Beginning here, before you start building anything, is one of the most beneficial places to be.  When working with a good team, all of the primary goals for the project are aligned before development.

If you have a business, any business, - you should be on the Internet no matter what!  I don't care if you're the local dry cleaner, you should be on the Web.  Your favorite question that probably stumps most is "Why should I be on the Internet?"

Do you want to grow your business? 

First, the Internet is not going away.  My teenage daughters (in 2002) don't use the yellow pages!  That's right, they search for anything and everything on the Internet (even their prom dresses).  They have grown up with the technologies that many of us learned later.  If you're not on the Internet, then you have given (handed) market share and business to someone who may have been smaller than you before they got started online (your competitors). 

Yes, there are hundreds of thousands of companies on the Web, but if most of them are doing it wrong, or don't have a marketing clue, your business has a great advantage in doing it right and securing some of their market share (immediately).  We want to 'own' your category - online.

If you can't be found on this New Media, in this century, than you are being left behind.  I can tell you what part of your struggle is - another business is quickly obtaining customers that used to be yours.  You never even saw it coming.  They are busy, or at least steady, and your business struggles to stay profitable year round.  Your prices are the same, and you think you're the better business.

So, really at this point, any revenue we could generate online would be frosting?  Any additional business contacts we make would be great?  A consistent, growing revenue stream that works all day and all night?  Any costs savings of doing some business electronically would be O.K. too!  Or, I just want to sell more stuff!

Bottom line?  You need to be on the Internet if you have any intention of staying competitive in business over the next 1-20 years.

Written by and Copyright Scott Sedwick

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