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Hello and Welcome.  I have been involved in the microcomputer industry for over 24 years.  I began selling the original IBM PC™ before the first hard drive was shipping to the masses.  Some of my background includes working with companies such as Computerland™ (remember them?), Apple Computer™, LaserMaster Corporation™, Point Group Corp., Leading Edge Corporation™, and other computer hardware & software manufacturers as well as the most prominent of computer retailers including; Best Buy™, Comp USA™, Circuit City™, and a few others. 

I have always been involved with the Sales & Marketing side of the business, while cultivating skills in Desktop Publishing and  Multimedia.  For the past eight, now nine years - my personal development has been in website development and it's applied and tested marketing online, especially educating myself on the top 3 Search Engines (Directories).
Meeting with Dr. Wilson at his seminar here in Chicago.
This companies greatest assets include; our education, our experience, our relationships, and our
vision that these years of experience bring to our clients.  I am an ethical, honest, and client dedicated professional.

There is a huge demand for quality, ethical, business technology marketing consultants to assist business owners who can't afford computer specialist staff in-house.  No, you probably can't afford to have us on your payroll full-time, but your company can benefit from outsourcing some of these mission-critical services to Hyperformance Media or other appropriate vendor.  It is this need for an affordable, professional, and ethical business  consultant that lured us away from our secure positions and launched our professional technology marketing services company. 

We're not afraid of the competition, we've seen them, and even worked for them.  We can't help you with your network, but we can help you propel your company beyond it's competitors, those who have not positioned themselves for growth, or market share increase online, using  efficient, cost-effective, and successful website marketing techniques.

Today you can't know it all - not in this industry, and that's where Hyperformance Media can help.  We bring together the professionals and the resources necessary for all of your serious marketing concerns, including publishing and website development (Branding), we do it effectively  and with great communication and commitment.  This  results in quality products and services with measurable ROI.  We are real people working for real people... like you.

Our own web experience began in 1995 with an on-line store called - this was before e-commerce even became a term.  We just made an 800 number ring - to sell computer CD ROM's, - that was the entire experiment (experiment being the keyword here...).  Just learning HTML was like typesetting 101 all over again. 

Today, the technology continues to explode and offers us all a multitude of platforms, effects, tracking, interactivity and results.  You know what?  It's only going to get better!

Your presence on the Internet (handled correctly) goes far beyond that of a television commercial.  This Worldly representation of your company is a 24/7 - 365 days a year webfomercial!  If you haven't jumped in yet, (or succeeded) we should be meeting in person - not just reading about it - again.

Hyperformance Media is a consortium of professional, ethical web consultants, programmers, artists, marketing and design people who specialize in assisting business in the successful marketing of their company on the Internet (and we love what we do!).

Using traditional print advertising and break-through original website development and marketing concepts, combined with exciting people, fresh ideas, and successful (profitable) e-commerce solutions - Hyperformance Media is a proven marketing partner.  You can count on us to capture your corporate essence (goals), and bring out the features of your organization and it's products for the entire World to see.  This would be taking advantage of your USP (Unique Selling Propositions).  We are effective in bringing qualified, targeted individuals or companies to your business and website, and even increasing the number of purchasers and partnerships necessary in helping you grow.

We'd like to assist you in your company's growth and branding, whether it's brochures, flyers, logo's, catalogs, advertisements, posters, or a new web image, you already have the resources, we are just the consultants.

Our job is to bring you the results necessary to exceed your business goals online.

Maybe your company is not yet on the Internet (Got Web?), or maybe you already have a web presence and require some successful website marketing to improve your "search engine ranking".  I know we can help.  Maybe you have the traffic and they're just not buying - we can help with that conversion too. 

We do hope our web-site will succeed in answering some of your questions, as well as helping to educate you in successful concepts you can apply to your business immediately.  Every business can start with a professional Website Analysis.

Oh, and so you know, I have also studied with some of the best online marketers including; Corey Rudl, Mark Joyner, Jay Abraham, Jill Whalen, Dr. Ralph Wilson, Guerrilla Marketing and many others.  We reference many of these resources within our site and your proposal as they apply to specific topics, as well as many other available resources.

Please contact me directly if you require additional references or have a special challenge you need to discuss.  Be sure to look at some of our work, and don't be afraid to contact us just for a few answers.

You make the call,
and we'll go to work for you today!


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