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"Website Marketing Strategies that DO result in positive ROI is not one
magical program or idea, it is a series of proven activities
that - when targeted, equals very measurable success online"

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Located in Chicago, Illinois and providing Professional, Ethical  Website Marketing and Optimization Services around the World.


Professional Website Marketing Strategies including ethical SEO.

Website Marketing and SEO Specialists - Time is running out...



Website marketing strategies, Internet marketing campaigns, effective ecommerce marketing online, website analysis & professional search engine optimization for the successful promotion of your online business.

You have just discovered one of the many great resources available to your business and website marketing success online!  It's time your business started winning online, it's time you called in a professional.

We cover a great deal of information in these pages and it may be worth your while to Bookmark us (Hit "Control-D" now).  In that way you can return here (at your leisure) to investigate and create your next website marketing success story!  Updates happen here weekly.  If you are a small to medium sized business, we can help you the most,  just read on...

This Internet is a superior medium to any other type of advertising, it should be combined with your traditional marketing practices to multiply your success!  While we physically exist in Chicago, Illinois - we work around the World (Wide Web). We are here to help your business, you have questions and we have answers.  Search engine optimization is only a piece of the puzzle with Hyperformance Media.

You can do it! - or we can help you, either way, your next Internet Marketing Campaign will be better, more productive, highly effective, and get your company the results you seek!  You may even find that with these tips you can exceed your original goals as you progress.  Now wouldn't that be great?  Maybe even get you a promotion once you've succeeded?

Successful website marketing is not as impossible as most people think. 

 Time consuming, sometimes tedious with analysis, task intensive, and requires monitoring - so if that adds up to impossible, then you basically have three choices.

One worthwhile choice.  You can outsource your website marketing to someone who is educated in exactly what it takes, is ethical, and is efficient in making it happen (like Hyperformance Media).  Professional Search Engine Optimization is an Art and a Science.  Be sure to check their references, this will help protect you from NOT hiring a fly-by-night scammer or spammer which does not help your ROI.  Unfortunately, they DO exist.  Ask questions.  How did you find them?  What does their website look like?  How effective are they in 'Ranking' without buying a keyword phrase?  Ask to see a successful email campaign they pioneered.  You can even inquire as to what tactics they use.  Some tactics will get your website penalized or even banned from today's top engines - something you surely do not want.

Successful website marketing is rarely (completely) understood, so those of us who are gullible can be victims.  The education provided within this website can assist you in avoiding these predators, and hopefully assist you in making a good decision about who you are adding to your Team.

Your second choice is to educate yourself and (using your current resources) implement the proper programs and steps based upon achieving your individual goals (your website marketing plan).  Many companies attempt to do initial search engine optimization in-house before seeking a professional.  Some tasks are relatively easy to implement and can garner substantial results.  But with the continued growth of professionals in the industry, getting into the top pages remains a daunting task.  There are many factors that the different search engines use to determine your website placement, we call these algorithms.

These are two of your choices.  Of course, there is a third choice which tens of thousands of businesses have decided upon; Build a great site, and do little to nothing in promoting it effectively.  This has never resulted in positive returns.  It's unfortunate to see such big money spent on a great concept or company, and then nothing spent on attempted to bring people in the front door.

The above fact however, allows you to improve your chances in gaining an edge against your competitors online when you pro-actively market your business. There are many ways to accomplish this.

Small & medium sized businesses can profit much faster and easier (on the web) than the Coca-Cola's of the World.  This is a fact.  From retailers and large e-commerce to the single-product entrepreneur... Hyperformance Media can help you with your online challenges, and our website can help you with some education and resources for the "do-it-yourself" solution.  We clearly define the benefits of working with professionals.  We prefer to offer Professional Internet Marketing Services which do include search engine optimization as a part of the overall solution.

Remember, "Hits" are just...

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Meet GYM - Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft.
Frantic over Organic

"How Idiots Track Success!"

Qualified targeted visitors are NOT hits, please do not confuse them.  Contact us today if we can help you, either way - we wish you great luck with your website marketing and hope in some small way we've been able to help you reach or exceed the results your business requires.  Ethical website marketing strategies (that work) can be found through-out this website.

Select a topic that interests you, or just start at the beginning.  Stop back again, SOON! - we are adding critical information quickly, and as you know the Internet changes at midnight every night!

The best way to navigate some of our content is to use our Left Navigation, it remains constant, or see our sitemap.  You can always get Home from the top right navigation.  Hopefully you will benefit if I get a little 'wordy' or talkative at times.  If you're a web professional, you'll appreciate the frank approach, with results in every chapter. If you or your business is seeking to make money online then I know we can help you.  This entire website is an extremely valuable resource, it just keeps getting better! (That was my huge sales pitch).  C'mon, laugh with me... we can enjoy this experience. And the best part of your visit?  Is that everything you learn here, every contact you make through these pages, every increase in your search engine 'ranking' and traffic, even a  higher conversion rate (sales) on your visitors - has come to you absolutely FREE.

"I recommend taking notes..."

Good idea, and I'll tell you why.  I have attempted to write as if I'm talking with you.  I believe it makes more interesting reading than a course textbook. Therefore, I highly recommend that you begin a task list no matter what you came here to learn.  In my writing I am constantly giving you ideas, insights, advice, successful case studies, a little humor, etc.  You will benefit the most by noting the ideas most beneficial to your organization, project, or budget  (and don't be afraid!).  If you care to stay informed (reminded), you can sign-up for my "SS Hot Tips Sheet" which continues in our tradition of great information and education delivered to you absolutely FREE of charge (currently).

Try everything at least once, - or until someone proves it doesn't work for you online.

Happy Branding, and I hope you enjoy your visit,

Scott Sedwick - CEO, Hyperformance Media

Scott 'Gears' Sedwick
Hyperformance Media, Inc.

P.S. - How serious are you about winning with your business online?  We'd like to be your professional website marketing consultant, interested? 

Bookmark our site and stop back again for more ideas and tips
in successful website marketing strategies and Internet promotions.


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